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Our Services

Landlord Representation

Landlords depend on us to identify qualified tenants or buyers of real estate through targeted marketing. We help landlords lease or sell their properties to qualified prospects. We have the staffing, technology and commitment required to effectively market office, retail, industrial and investment properties in Miami Dade, Broward, Martin, Palm Beach counties and in the Florida Keys. Our South Florida property listings are featured in our Exclusive Listing Summaries, which are broadcast emailed to the South Florida brokerage community.

Professional Assistance in Leasing and Sales

We have the staffing, technology, and commitment to effectively market your office, retail, industrial, and investment properties. 

Targeted Marketing Programs

With our true alternatives to traditional marketing methods, we offer maximum exposure with a minimum of cost to get your property seen and leased or sold!

Our custom designed email marketing campaigns target professional tenants, sending them our current property listings, updated commercial news and market research.

The extensive web marketing program combined with cold call canvassing, building signage, and our tailored postcard programs make Kaizen Realty Partners the best marketing company for your real estate assets in South Florida region.

Lease Analysis for Sellers

Selling or leasing South Florida business property requires a thorough understanding of the market and the location of the property. Your broker needs to be able to analyze current real estate business trends and anticipate future ones. When we analyze your property lease’s value we will take into account everything from labor availability and transportation access to a region’s utilities. You need a professional commercial real estate broker to evaluate these issues for you and get you the best, most competitive market price for your property. Our many years of experience in South Florida’s commercial real estate industry give us an advantage over other real estate brokers. We have the expertise you’ll need in order to negotiate the best rate possible for your property.

Our tenant representation specialists put unparalleled expertise and knowledge to work negotiating on behalf of tenants. Our local South Florida market strength and comprehensive process generate beneficial, timely and responsible decisions. The result – a positive, potentially significant impact on your profitability; producing the highest value in a competitive real estate market.”

Commercial Investment

Depending on the level of risk you are comfortable with, we can help you find the type of investment property in South Florida that suits your specific goals.

Tenant Representation

In most transaction negotiations the real estate broker represents the landlord or owner. If the broker has a written agency agreement with the owner, he has a legal obligation to represent the best interest of the owner and negotiate the best deal possible for him. If I’m providing you tenant representation, we have an obligation to negotiate the best possible deal for you. And typically, my fee will come from the landlord or owner, so my services cost you nothing.

Market knowledge and how to best accommodate the unique needs of your business are the cornerstones of my tenant representation services. By consulting with you to learn about your plans, issues, budget and more we can apply my knowledge of the market and current trends to create an optimal transaction for you.

By having us represent your interests you’ll be assured of knowing about all of the properties available. You’ll also know what existing tenants at those properties are paying. We will also give you critical insights into many important issues, such as how much you can expect the new owner to pay for construction of new improvements and how to recognize opportunities for negotiating more favorable terms into your new lease. We’ll find the best site for your needs, negotiate the best terms and prices possible and make sure your move goes smoothly. We can help you with many facets of the process, from help with relocating equipment to logistics and recommending architectural or design firms. We are an expert in tenant representation with a proven track record of representing both office and industrial clients.

Once we have consulted with you to learn your objectives and needs, we’ll do a preliminary search of available properties. Then we’ll do a thorough analysis of each site, looking at all aspects of the properties, rates, terms and conditions. Then we’ll present you the best available options. As we proceed we’ll give you critical advice on issues pertaining to the lease negotiations and tenant improvements.

We would be happy to talk to you about the details of the process we’ll use to help you find your new facility and negotiate the best deal possible. Or we can further explore renegotiating the current lease by:

Assessing the Situation

We have over the years developed a sophisticated and comprehensive process to identify, evaluate and prioritize your space needs. We begin by analyzing your current situation and identifying criteria to help you evaluate all options - including the potential savings you could achieve by renegotiating your existing lease.

Real Estate Insider Information

Real estate isn't the stock market - it's not illegal to use insider information. We are on the inside of hundreds of transactions in this market and has negotiated millions of dollars in transactions.

Negotiating All the Angles

In every lease negotiation, there are four pools of money to be protected:

1) Base Rent 2) Expenses 3) Improvements, and 4) Concessions

That's why you should have experienced Kaizen Realty Partner Associate working to knowledgeably, systematically and tenaciously negotiate on your behalf.

Tenant Space Construction

Tenants frequently need to make changes to existing office space in order to accommodate their specific company needs. This is a complicated process for both the tenant and the landlord. It requires careful and thorough negotiations. It’s important that you be represented by someone who understands the finer points of this type of contract whether it’s renovating existing office space or building it from scratch. As Miami’s and South Florida’s leading professional commercial real estate broker we can assure that this process transitions smoothly.

Most tenants arrange for the landlord to build or renovate the office space. In many cases, the landlord has established contacts that can translate to a significant savings for the tenant, if you have an experienced commercial broker as your advocate. We can often negotiate a deal where the landlord transfers savings he may be receiving from volume discounts directly over to you. However, having the landlord take responsibility for the final construction of the office space means every last aspect of the contract needs to be perfect. It takes years of experience to know the “ins” and “outs” of this type of arrangement. We will make sure that the complete planning specifications have been made and approved by you prior to signing the lease. With our assistance, the contract will be “loophole” free and will thoroughly document the landlord’s responsibilities.

If you decide that you would prefer to take the responsibility for construction of the office space, we have the vital negotiation tactics for you. These tactics can often mean the difference between you paying for the construction on your own, or the landlord offsetting the cost and even sometimes completely reimbursing you. Don’t get caught paying costs you don’t have to, let us help you find the best terms for the construction of your new office space.  Call us or mail us for your tenant construction needs.

Site Selection Services

Choosing the right commercial property in South Florida is an important part of your core business strategy. Site location is a crucial part of determining your company’s access to markets and skilled employees in the South Florida region. Determining the right location to stay competitive in the market while keeping your operating costs down is also a vital part of strategic business planning. We understand and we will give you the personal attention it requires to thoroughly understand your company’s special property needs.

When we help you find a location be it in Miami Dade, Martin, Broward, Palm Beach counties or the Florida Keys, we will analyze your location needs with the experienced eye of someone that has been in South Florida’s commercial real estate market for years. It takes that kind of history in the South Florida real estate market to be aware of and anticipate market changes and trends. It requires that background and level of commitment to know which questions to ask you to make sure your company is going to get the best value for your money.

We will provide you with critical advice on the issues that most directly relate to your specific company commercial property needs and goals. Whether it’s advising you of the current income tax laws that will affect your property choice or making you aware of building codes in the region that may affect your future expansion options, you will get the information you need to make the most informed decision. Contact Kaizen Realty Partners today and we’ll discuss how to get you the best return for your investment.

Sales and Leasing

Kaizen’s expert team is prepared to handle any commercial sales or leasing transaction, whether it involves an office, industrial, retail, hospitality, multifamily or investment property. Our experience and highly regarded reputation in real estate marketing services is well demonstrated by the occupancy percentages of our leased and managed commercial properties and our track record of acquisitions and dispositions.

Lease Analysis for Tenants and Buyers

Selecting the best commercial property in South Florida (Miami Dade, Martin, Broward, Palm Beach counties and the Florida Keys) requires a strong knowledge of South Florida’s real estate market and a skilled eye. You need an experienced professional real estate advocate in your corner. We will scrutinize every line of your contract with your best interest and unique needs in mind. We have the experience in the South Florida’s commercial property market to recognize and cut out possible additional charges and restrictive terms that may be hidden in a lease. It is our personal mission to find you the best rate with the best terms.

Finding the right South Florida commercial property is more than just finding a good deal. You need the right location and the right space for your office, a warehouse or other needs. After all, the building wasn’t constructed with you in mind. Hence we will sit down with you personally to analyze your company’s needs and find the right property for you. We’ll discuss your budgetary concerns, architectural criteria, and location requirements. We have the local market knowledge and expertise necessary to find the right lease quickly on your timeline and within your budget. 
Contact Kaizen Realty Partners More Infoand we can set up a meeting at a time convenient for you to discuss how we can help your company.

Property Management

You need a company you can trust to handle your operational responsibilities. We have the experience you want in property management in South Florida. We offer full service management of both commercial and residential properties in South Florida. We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you maximize your profits without sacrificing on service. Kaizen Realty Partners’ success is based on the following factors:

Tenant Relations

Kaizen Realty Partners focus on servicing tenants throughout our management portfolio. Some key features of our service:

  • Response to calls within 24 hours
  • Frequent communication
  • On site move in and move out meetings
  • Performance surveys frequently provided for tenant feedback
  • Rate Analysis - We will analyze the market and find the rental rates that will make you the most money Lease Administration Operations. Kaizen Realty Partners have developed policies and procedures that streamline lease administration
  • Guarantee smooth facility operations,
  • Management and frequent reduction of operating expenses
  • Analysis of tax valuations and insurance expenses.


Kaizen Realty Partners have strong relationships with local vendors in Miami Dade, Martin, Broward, Palm Beach counties and the Florida Keys and a good understanding of service costs relative to the marketplace. We work to ensure that all necessary property maintenance services are implemented in a professional manner, monitored correctly, and completed within an acceptable cost structure.


 Our marketing strategies will keep your occupancy and tenant retention rates high.

Vendor Negotiations

We will help you find reputable South Florida vendors you need to make sure your operation runs smoothly.


Kaizen Realty Partners provide all accounting functions associated with Property Management. We account for all property expenses, tenant payables and receivables for each managed property in a monthly report, specifically designed for each owner. We budget annual operating expenses, monitor expense stops, implement rent increases, identify and budget capital improvements over an ownership period.

Qualified Personnel

Kaizen Realty Partners assign experienced staff focused on managing each owner's property from an owner's perspective.  Kaizen Realty Partners maximize long-term real estate value for you since we:

  • Think from an owner's perspective
  • Offer the best possible service for tenants
  • Have systems in place to ensure long-term maintenance of the facility.
  • Focus on keeping operating expenses competitive and administrate leases professionally and economically.
  • Provide a relationship where every facet of property management is done so that the owner receives the maximum possible benefit.

 Why Hire Kaizen Realty Partners?

  • Locally recognized and reputed in the South Florida real estate market for the quality of our service
  • Individual, corporate, and institutional experience 
  • Achievement of an industry high retention ratio which reduces tenant improvement and vacancy costs 
  • Strong long-term relationships with key local officials in the marketplace 
  • A local and experienced in-house commercial real estate marketing team
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